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Broadland Half Marathon

The Broadland Half Marathon was a race hosted by the Norwich Road Runners, from 2005 through to 2018. Previously, the race was a 15 mile event.

This race has now been superseded by the Ringland Half Marathon.

Previous years' results are available below.


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Past Results

The course records stand as follows:

 - Male: Wayne Lincoln (City of Norwich AC) - 1:10.26 (2005)

 - Female: Charlotte Rose (City of Norwich AC) - 1:21.45 (2016)

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Broadland 15 2000 Results [PDF, 85kb] Broadland 15 2002 Results [PDF, 92kb] Broadland 15 2003 Results [PDF, 51kb] Broadland 15 2004 Results [PDF, 77kb]
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