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Broadland Half Marathon

The Broadland Half Marathon was a race hosted by the Norwich Road Runners, from 2005 through to 2018.

This race has now been superseded by the Ringland Half Marathon.

The Broadland Half Marathon was a spring race that loops around South Walsham, Salhouse and Woodbastwick. The race was initially a 15 mile race (the winning time in 2000 was 1:26:49, by Carl Prewer of Lowestoft RR). However the distance was a speciality and was struggling to attract a sustainable field year after year, with only 96 runners finishing in the final year it was hosted, in 2004. The decision was taken to change the race to the more popular half marathon distance, and the race jumped to an impressive 207 finishers. The race remained a half marathon distance until the final race in November 2018. Due to the location of the race, and its restrictive parking, entry was limited to between 400-500, and usually sold out within a few weeks of entries opening, and months ahead of the actual event. The current record finishers is the 2016 race, with 378 crossing the line.

Previous years' results are available below.


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