Q. What do your club nights involve?

We have three club nights:

Mondays - BeginnersĀ - Our beginners sessions are for those who are either completely new to running, or who are returning after a period of absence. Our coaches undertake a variety of sessions designed to slowly introduce people to running (i.e. walk/run sessions) over a short distance. There is also a five mile recovery group, for members who want to have a relaxed pace run to unwind their legs after a busy weekend of racing.

Tuesdays - Effort SessionsĀ - Easily our most popular night, with more than 100 members regularly attending. There are two sessions - a field based session around a grass track, and a road session. These are designed to focus on speed and pace rather than endurance, with each session lasting around 45 minutes. Coaches usually advertise their session on our Facebook Group a day or two beforehand.

For more information on coaching at NRR please click here.

Thursdays - Road RunĀ - A run either into Norwich or around the surrounding suburbs. Three routes are offered - a short route (up to 4 miles), a medium route (around 6 miles) and a long route (usually around 8 miles). A nominated person talks runners through the route, organise pace groups, and then go out and run the course. We have pace groups ranging from fast (6-7min miles) to a slower pace (10-11min miles). All routes are advertised in advance in our Facebook Group.

All of our sessions are undertaken by qualified and DBS checked instructors, who hold (as a minimum) the Leadership in Running Fitness Award.

All club nights start at 7:05pm.